The teachers that work for El Portal are graduates of the San Carlos University with degrees in Grammar and Spanish Language which guarantees that our students will receive an excellent education that will indeed allow them to open those doors to a cultural experience and facility with the Spanish language. 

Our instructors all have experience in different majors which will allow for our students to be exposed to a variety of topics and vocabulary.  This will also allow for our students to study at different levels, whether it be beginner Spanish or advanced.  Each student’s level of Spanish will be determined and assessed through a short exam upon arrival to the school so that our teachers will know exactly from where to start. 

We also offer special Spanish programs for children at El Portal Spanish School. 

Our Families

Our families have worked throughout the years to board foreign Spanish students, understand their needs and offer a warm and hospitable experience.  A homestay with a Guatemalan family is an essential component of the immersion experience.  It allows for Spanish practice and progress within the home and exposes students to typical Guatemalan cuisine and customs. 

Host families offer:

  • Private bedroom equipped with a bed, lamp and desk
  • Hot shower and clean towels
  • Purified drinking water
  • 3 meals a day from Monday to Saturday, (Sunday student must provide their own food) 7 days lodging at the home (to begin on any given Sunday, preferably.  If the beginning of your stay falls on another day, your week will be calculated from that day forward.
  • Food considerations for vegetarian and vegan diets
  • Key to both the house and the private bedroom
  • Homes are located very near to the school

If families with young children or babies choose to study, they can be placed in homes that offer childcare services while parents/older siblings receive classes.  In each home we only allow for two students to be placed within the same home in order to best foster Spanish practice.  However, if groups or families who are traveling together wish to be placed within the same home, we can arrange a homestay to accommodate those conditions. 

If students do not wish to live with a family, we would be more than happy to help in any secure alternative lodging at a guesthouse or hostel here in Xela.  Tuition costs will decrease if the homestay option is not desired. 

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