Who are we?

We, the founders of El Portal Spanish School are two Guatemalan single mothers who have been working for more than 12 years, immersed within the Spanish Schools of Xela.  We understand the needs of foreign students and we have tried to create a new and different option than the other schools in Xela provide.  We place a strong emphasis on the qualifications of our teachers and constant improvement in their work.

Among our objectives is to serve the community of Quetzaltenango the creation of sources of work for the families of Quetzaltenango who lodge our students and act as informal educators to them.  Through this not only will students be offered a unique cultural learning experience but the families will be offered financial support as well.  We also feel that through the dedication of our students to volunteer work through various organizations, we can offer support to the Xela community on a larger scale.

Our main objective outside of providing excellent Spanish education is to offer help and support to mistreated and battered women through foundations that are dedicated to psychological support systems and educational efforts for those women. 

Why El Portal?

When we founded our school we thought about the name ¨El Portal¨ because learning the Spanish language will open a door in the life of each Spanish student by means of providing each of them will a Latin-American cultural experience.  Students will be immersed Guatemalan culture and have the opportunity to experience first-hand a different side of developing nations.  Students will see Guatemala as the beautiful country that it is, full of beautiful people, traditions and potential.  Students will come to realize that the people of Guatemala fight every day to move forward and due to extreme poverty encounter setbacks along the way.  We are a school that will try to collaborate with the people of Guatemala who are not being served well, who lack in education and basic necessities and through our volunteer programs will work to lift them up and eliminate part of their daily fight. 


El Portal Spanish School works with various foundations that are dedicated to helping the disenfranchised of Guatemala, with a large focus on street children. If our students are interested in volunteering, we will set up work for them within the following organizations with whom we work: Remar, Fundabien, Nuevos Horizontes, Xela Baby Orphanage. Through these organizations our students will have the opportunity to care for, tutor, play with and even help with the physical rehabilitation of children. Volunteer work with these organizations is open to any student who will be studying with us for one week or more.

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